Safety & Hygiene Measures

Our Safety and Hygiene Commitment to you.

All Messe Düsseldorf Asia (MDA) events will be run in accordance with the necessary Safe Management Measures and Practices as stipulated by the advisories and guidelines from the Singapore Tourism Board, a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The implemented measures and practices will aid in the smooth running of our events and ensure a safe environment for all participants – exhibitors, visitors, speakers, sponsors, delegates, so you can connect and do business safely, effectively and with confidence. Safety measures will be adapted accordingly as developments and changing regulatory requirements arise.

MDA is committed to maintain these top priorities at all our events. Here’s what you should know:


Pre-Event Testing

Pre-event testing is mandatory and applies to all events with more than 750 participants (whether local or foreign), except for exempted individuals 1 and 2.

  • An Exempted Individual 1 is a person who has completed the full vaccination regimen in Singapore (example: 2 weeks after completing the 2nd dose of either Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination). This person must present the proof of Acceptable Document for such exemption
  • An Exempted Individual 2 is a person who has recovered from COVID-19. This person may obtain a PET Exemption Notice stating the relevant validity period from any approved clinics and must present such proof during the event
Test Kits

Test Service Providers & Test Kits for COVID-19, are approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

  • Using the Antigen Rapid Test (ART)
  • Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) (if required)
  • Each swab registration till notification of result will take approximately 30 minutes for ART, and up to 48 hours for PCR Test
  • Each test result is only valid for 24 hours from the time the participant registers to take the test at the testing premises


Enhanced Cleaning

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting schedules in public areas such as entrances, food concession stands, escalators, lifts, restrooms, etc. will be implemented by Marina Bay Sands. MDA will also schedule periodic disinfectant spraying in common spaces such as registration areas, entrances, exits, walkways as well as meeting rooms. We will work together with our venue partner, in adherence to prevailing sanitation and hygiene measures.

Face Mask

Face Masks will be required to be worn at all times during the exhibition. Further items of PPE, such as face shields, gloves, will be used by participants and staff if appropriate, in line with government and health authority advice.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitisers will be provided at all points of entry around the venue in our efforts to ramp up effective infection protection. Participants will also be encouraged to regularly wash and disinfect their hands.


Foreign Participants

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are strict restrictions for international travellers who wish to travel to Singapore. Safe Travel Lanes are available to facilitate controlled entry to Singapore. Please click Safe Travel for more details on the categories of travel that are currently allowed, the eligibility, requirements and processes. Other information: Travel Health Control Measures and TraceTogether for Travellers


Emergency Preparations

MDA and Marina Bay Sands will oversee the development and implementation of the Safe Management Measure (SMM) plans, liaise with STB for review, and ensure awareness and compliance of SMMs throughout the event.

A Lead Officer will be appointed to develop, implement, and handle responses to emergency situations relating to COVID-19. Special staff will also be trained to ensure we are able to respond to situations and carry out procedures relating to COVID-19.


Safe Distancing

Safe distancing of at least 1m will be applicable to each individual at all times. There will also be a limit to participant density of 1:8 sqm.

One-way traffic flow

One-way traffic flow and staggered arrival times will be implemented at the event space as well as exclusive entry and exit points for the various groups of participants. The staggered arrivals to the trade fair, is to ensure crowd control measures for each group of participants.

No Intermingling

No intermingling is allowed between individuals of different groups at any time.

Networking Sessions

Networking sessions, participants are advised to introduce themselves by waving of hands and exchanging of e-name cards. This is to minimise physical contact for your own safety and hygiene. No F&B is allowed during networking sessions.

Safety Ambassadors

Safety Ambassadors and MDA staff and security personnel will be assigned in accordance with government requirements, to assist with implementation of and ensure compliance with all safe distancing measures.

Contactless Registration

Contactless registration including the availability of online registration will be utilised where possible for all participants to reduce touchpoints upon entry.

Onsite Signage

Onsite signage to remind participants and increase public awareness on the health and safety standards and measures. Frequent announcements will be made to encourage everyone to follow the required safety and hygiene measures. Information boards will draw attention to the infection control behaviors as specified by the authorities.


Trace Together app

Download the Trace Together app and help us support Singapore’s efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact. TraceTogether mobile app by the government of Singapore is designed to enhance digital contact tracing efforts via bluetooth signals.

TraceTogether requires an individual’s identity data such as contact/mobile number, identification details and an anonymized User ID. Contact tracings are encrypted and anonymized, safeguarding the individual’s privacy.

This App supports the scanning of SafeEntry QR codes, using your device’s camera when you access the exhibition venue/halls. Please note that the App does not access pictures, videos, or any files that are stored in your mobile device.

For local participants, it is compulsory to have the TT App or TT Token during the event at all times. For foreign participants, please download the TraceTogether App and have it activated throughout your visit in Singapore, and retain the TT app on your mobile devices for 14 consecutive days after leaving Singapore. A foreign participant must upload all data in the TT app upon request by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) should he/she test positive for COVID-19 while in Singapore or in the first 14 days after leaving Singapore.


Screening in the form of temperature checks using infrared thermal scan units and other equipment will be conducted by Marina Bay Sands at all points of entry into the venue. Please note that Marina Bay Sands and MDA could deny entry to any persons with a body temperature of 37.5 degree celsius and more. A second screening may be required when necessary.

The safety and hygiene measures and guidelines are constantly updated to future developments and changing regulatory requirements. For exhibitors, contractors and stand construction personnel, the full details can be found on the Online Exhibitor Manual.

Play Your Part Too. Every Contribution Counts.

Networking without physical contact

Networking without physical contact.

Even though you might be delighted at seeing other people again or closing a successful business deal – please forego shaking hands and physical contact.

Bless You

“Bless you.”

For the sake of yourself and others, please sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm. Even better, do so while maintaining a distance of at least one metre or turning away from other persons.